EDIT : Hey it’s Feb 2, 2016! and since the below post, 1001 Knights has launched!!!! I’ve been working super hard with Kevin Jay Stanton on this project for such a long time. Also Check out the kickstarter and get HYPE b/c Tim has written about  Stana’s origin story, a brand new character that you’re gonna see around here someday soon &  after the anthology is done, I’ll be back to updating Ode on the regular. Thanks for being the best readers everrr!



—- ORIGINAL POST BELOW form Sept 19 —-

Hey Pals!!  Tim and I are working on a Stana-origin story for 1001 Knights. Here is some concept art. We are getting marreid next week OMG!!! And 1001 Knights (link) the anthology I’ve been working super hard on with Kevin Jay Stanton is going to be launching in late October SooOOoOo  that means more Ode is on the way! Thanks for being patient!

ps– I’m at SPX this weekend (link) come see me at table C-14 !!!

SPX_1001Knights_PrintableMap_m2_webpps — Here is the badge I was asked to make for Staff at SPX! I’m super honored about it ahhh~~

Miss you guys… but see you soon ok?