Hey Lufflies!!  I have been watching a LOT of sword fights because I’m really excited about Stana vs Bastian! ha!  What will happen next?!

I’m back from LA! Oh man it was 80 and full of palm trees- and my job paid for this really cool hotel that had Korean BBQ @____@~  And I came back to NYC at 0 degrees…. SO COLD! I’m in time zone and temperature shock! haha!!  A big thank you to everyone who snagged my Shadow of the Colossus tee from Yetee the other day~~~ so so cool of you~~!!!

So VALENTINES DAY~~~~!  So Tim ended up surprising *me* with super bish stuff- a rose and a love letter with a wax seal O___o so…. romantic!! and then I took him out for a comic shopping date with a trip to Little Italy for a fancy dinner (he didn’t read my surprise from the last comments section heehehehe *phew*) and it was super cute~~~!! We got dessert too >_<~

I’m going to do my best for a Weds update, but otherwise, see ya Monday!

ps— NEW SECTION of the website!!  http://www.odecomic.com/fan-art-gallery/  if you know of any Ode fanart, point me in the direction~~ or if you want to make some.. send it along and I’ll post it!! <3 <3