Happy Monday pals!!!  The fight is on!!!  So Mondays have been a for sure, where Wednesdays have been a bit hard lately b/c my job is crazy. I’m gong to LA this week to direct a photoshoot– so next update is Monday for sure. Just until I can get a good back-log to keep posting.

Also look out on YETEE Tees this week… on the 11th also yours truly will have a design on a one-day-only tee that you can snag!!!!

The 11t is also Tim’s Birthday (so sad I’m gonna be away but I’m surprising him with a Valentine B-day when I get back— wish me luck!)

In exciting news, Sabine: My Rebel Sketchbook is out!!! You can buy it at Target/Walmart & Barnes & Noble + online on AMAZON.Com  Ahhh!!! I’m so so excited! And if you end up getting a copy, send me a pic & hash #sabineselfies ^__^~ I’m so excited/proud/grateful to have done the art for the first artist in the Star Wars Universe~~~!!! wow ~~~!!! And a huge bit of thanks to all the amazing reviews of it so far x) There’s a lot of fun hidden stuff in the book for sure! The author, Dan Wallace is tops as is the whole Studio Fun / Lucasfilm Crew!! ((Ode fans in particular may find something in it~~))

anii_barnes+noble sabine-in-stores