Hey sweeties!!! A new page of Ode! What do you suppose is going on? We’re ready >___<!!!

I’ve been leveling up my watercolors all month as I’ve been doing Sabine sketches each day in anticipation of the release of book, Sabine: My Rebel Sketchbook. definitely check my tumblr if you want to look at each day’s doodles.  Now that I’m just about complete on that, I can get back to concentrating on Ode. I haven’t had much luck with conventions this season, so Tim and I won’t be going to very many shows. You can always check out our schedule on the about page or main page sidebar.

So we came back from Magfest recently and had a REALLY amazing time! We got to meet some of you Ode fans and that was AMAZING~~~!  We also just had a lot of fun geeking out over video games and meeting lots of cool people. Thanks so much to everyone who dropped by and said hey!

ONWARDS~~~!!! See you Wednesday!