Happy Monday Darlings!!!  Hope you had a nice New Year and also enjoyed all the AMAZING guest art!!! Today is the first post of 2015! ROCK ON! I actually had a chill and drew a bit the past few days. Tim and I are going to try SUPER hard to make 2015 as consistent as possible. We’ve been talking about chopping Ode down to just Monday updates for a while, but then there will *always* be an update. Do you have any thoughts about that?  For now we’ll see you on Wednesday, so don’t fret too hard- we’ll be doing our best for our usual 2x a week updates. Just something we are tossing around.

Also! I’m going to be doing a Sabine doodle every day in anticipation for Sabine’s Rebel Sketchbook out Feb 3 on my tumblr ( http://squidsalad.tumblr.com/ ). Hope you follow along!