At long last an update!!! I’ve missed you all!!! Wren has been in the bath for WAY too long. Life/job stuff has been crazy hectic. But lucky for us all, I have a nice big work holiday. Should give me some time to finally get a buffer and more consistent updating times. I wish my job was to do nothing but draw lady knights (not that I’m complaining about my day job in music design! I’m not!)…

Also! Tim started a blog where he talks about geeky stuff and his love for Star Wars! It’s super neat and called PORT NOWHERE. I think he may even be posting some fiction up there sometimes to add it to your RSS for sure!

I hope you are all having a a wonderful holiday season!  My holiday cards are going out late as usual OTL  but as a treat for you all, there is our annual Holiday guest art week!!! So starting  Dec 29-Jan2 there will be some art by amazing artists EVERY DAY! Make sure you come back and check it all out. Also drop by on Christmas Day for an extra holiday treat!

pps– I’m super excited about how amazing the end of The Legend of Korra was!