Hi darlings! Here is the next page–! WITH A SPLASH! What could it be?? ahhh!!  I’m going to try to get the next page out before Monday if I can…so stay tuned, ok? I hope the color looks ok to you– it looks really good on my cintiq but it is a bit blown out on my PC monitor OTL

I’m finally starting to feel better. I hurt my back really bad and it’s been a rough week and a half =____= Thanks so much for sending me all kinds of really nice notes

I have some news for you too–
First I can finally announce to you about how I spent some of my summer! I was doing drawings/sketches & illustrations for SABINE from Star Wars Rebels. The book is called “Sabine’s Rebel Sketchbook” and it’ll be out in February– you can totally preorder it though (link ) (it’s only $10!). Sabine is the first artist in the Star Wars universe and she’s a strong amazing gal to boot!! I can’t tell you how excited and honored I am to have been able to work on this project! You can see some peeks at the art on the amazon spread!

Also I’m going to send out HOLIDAY CARDS this year– so if you’d like one, please fill out my HOLIDAY CARD FORM HERE…  (mention that you are an Ode fan and you’ll get something special too)


Ok see you soon! Stay warm!!  My family in Buffalo is under so much snow >__< I can’t go visit them for turkey day….