Happy Late Monday! Gah. I’ve been freaking out about this page for a long time. I actually had it ready for yesterday, but I ended up re-doing all the bubble colors and the scan still doesn’t really show the depth. Anywhoo… so I’ve been trying really hard to draw Wren beautifully, realistically and not sexy-like. The fact of the matter is I don’t believe in magical boob bubbles like in shojo that happen to fall in place… generally when one takes a bath- one is nude and let’s face it the human body is lovely. I also was nervous b/c I don’t want readers to think that Ode is going to become NS4W all the time– I promise it won’t. Wren is having an awesome bath and there should be nothing to be ashamed about! Tim’s script originally called for bubbles to cover her, but I feel like if I’m really being true to the character and what hopping into a bubble bath is like, then it is something more like this…. ^_^–

And also… I’m trying out a new style? Less on the inks and more on the pencils to be more precise. Sometimes I think my inks are too abstract and that confuses people. Also wanted to try lettering for a while…. gosh so much I’m nervous about now….

Catch y*all on Wednesday edit:: THURSDAY-

The Plot will advance…!

ps– I’m still working on the cover video. I haven’t have a super ton of time over the weekend.