Hiya Darlings! We’re back and Chapter Three is beginning! Here is the cover. Tim has written a really excellent Wren Arc… Stay tuned on Mondays and Wednesdays<3

Life has been pretty crazy for me in the past almost month. I worked on 4 or 5 album packages at work and it was insane. If you are curious and at your local Walmart or Best Buy, check out Alex & Sierra and both Pentatonix albums are our already. @__@ gah! But I’m back in the Ode game. I wanted to take a week off, and that week turned into 3 with all the crazy at work till 9pm days. And well last week I guess I was just being really nervous. That seems to happen every time there is a new chapter– I’m really excited and then I get this feeling… I’m not good at articulating, but I want to keep improving.

I came across a very nice article about Ode from the excellent blog, “Women Write About Comics”  You can read it here: LINK !! Many thanks!  The article gives some nice constructive criticism– I’m hoping to get better at making architecture more clear. I think there is this line that I’m trying to aim for and I just have to keep on it. I really want Ode to have a dreamy, readers fill in the atmosphere quality. There will be some more fights super soon, and since the first chapter, I’ve taken sword lessons, made friends with some pals who know how to swing a sword and have a lot of books about it. I’m really happy for how supportive all the readers I’ve met so far are. :) Y*all are the best and even if I have nervous moments about my art, it’s you who bring me back!! <3 <3 <3

Oh! and I recorded coloring this cover, so I’ll update this post with the video when I have it. ^3^