Hey everyone! Page five is here… and you won’t want to miss the big reveal on Wednesday! What is it that Wren is seeing? What are your guesses?

I spent the weekend finally having some time to crack down and get on to Ode. My new job has been fun so far, but it has also been a LOT of late nights. I had to pull out of Akon and Leekycon due to work interfering. My job is still so new and I have to be at a few fancy photoshoots to train on directing. Upside is that this job is rad and exciting, downside is that I had to cancel two cons. I’m still on for Connecticon though. Unfortunately I didn’t get into Otakon this year, so my famous Uber Extreme: How to Draw Chibis workshop is moving to Connecticon.

As a bonus thanks for sticking with us, I thought I’d post a request I’ve frequently had which is a walk-through of an entire page of Ode. If this is up your alley, then you should come out to Connecticon! Tim and I are Online Media Guests and will be doing a first ever all Ode panel– we’ll take you though our process from writing and ideas to coloring a whole page and uploading!