Hiya! This is the official end of Chapter Two! This ending is really kind of unsettling… I feel a chill of looming forces ahead…

Yet now I’m super stoked to get into Chapter Three!  Don’t worry– we won’t be taking a crazy hiatus this time around. We are, however, going to be at SPX this weekend, so Monday may have some filler art. It’s amazing that we’ve gotten this far! I know that from CH 1 to CH 2 my art has been steadily changing and I hope to keep on improving. I’m so happy with the story that Tim has been writing for us as well. I know that Ode can seem like a bit of a slow-burn, but that’s how I like my stories– I hate rushing anything.

Ok onto the Small Press Expo news!!
Tim and I will be at Table B9 with our lovely pal, Rebecca Mock. We’ll have SPX-exclusive Ode prints and are debuting Chapter Two (with a fancy cover!) If you let me know that you are a reader, I have a secret surprise for you!!!! <3 So make sure you come say hi so I can give it to you ^___^– I’ll also have some cute 6×9 prints, original Ode pages as well as commissions and Hana Doki Kira to boot!! I can’t wait to meet y*all ^_^- I wish you West Coast pals could make it!! Hopefully next year I can travel out there some more!!!

BTW here is a cute Map to find us:


I’ve also made a printable map that links to as many Chivalry comics as I could discover! Make sure you print it out and go find all the other amazing lady-knight/magic/chivalry comics!!! Click HERE to download or click the image itself!


PPS (omg such a long post)  I made a special Banner just for SPX!! Here it is: