Hello and happy Monday!! I’m busy getting some special stuff ready for SPX this week. I’ll be posting a map on how you can find me and other Ladyknight folks! Keep a look out for that Tues or Weds. Also Wednesday is the last page of Chapter Two! Wow!!! We’ll be diving right into CH. 3 after SPX. ((I really hope some of you can make it!!! I’ll have a special secret bauble for you if you tell me that you’re a reader <3 <3 ))

Housekeeping stuff:

  • If you meander over to the goodies section, you’ll find some more avatars that now include Bastian!
  • I’ve changed what used to be “tasbel” into the Ode Language on page 18.  (idk the name of the language yet since Tim hasn’t revealed it) Maybe you can use that to crack the code on a few of the other pages ^_~ It should say “Stable” now not my dyslexic spelling from before.
  • New fresh Bios on the Cast page are now up!!!!!