Holy moooolly it’s Wednesday already!!! Woah!!!  Here is the next page of Ode! Stana is really kind of bitter :/ But I can tell that she cares… I think that Bas gets it too. Also maybe they use the same shampoo or something O__o;;?

I’m off to Buffalo to give a keynote speech at my alma mater, Daemen College. It’s pretty crazy- I didn’t graduate from there all the long ago at all O_o! I’m going to be speaking to the design kids! Wish me luck- haha!  The last three pages of Ode are complete- so come back next week for the last two pages. Tim and I are going to be at SPX (table b9) the following week– I’ve run out of time, but I’ll post a map of how you can find us this weekend!! We’ll have SPX-exclusive covers and first prints of Ode CH2 and special fancy prints!!!! I’m so stoked. Please come and say hi to us and talk about lady knights ^__^-