Gah!!! I’m sorry this is a few days late. I’m working on a book that I can’t really talk about yet. But I’m illustrating it and all my spare time has been pouring into this. @__@!!!  Then tonight I finally did the page and my interwebs went down. This weekend I’m hunkering down and doing the last of the pages for this chapter so I can get CH 2 printed for SPX!! I made a special variant cover that you can only get at SPX this year!! Oh and speaking of– head over the the SPX website and check out the Ode debut– maybe give me a good rating or send along a comment? ^__~ ( LINK HERE ). Also be sure to check out all the other debut books (link)!


I can’t believe that Valor Anthology is up to over 70K!!! Thanks so much to all of your for your support! And if you haven’t pledged yet– definitely check it out!!!

And lastly…. Bastian is SUCH a bish. @__@ omg~~~!  What a little blush!!!!