Hi everyone!! Tim and I had a really big long conversation day before yesterday and really hashed out the rest of this chapter. We were originally going to have it be all Wren, but the timeline of events that are about to transpire make more sense for us to see what Stana is up to at the moment. Don’t worry— We’ll get back to Wren in the tub soon enough. Honestly it’s enough for her to have her very own arc. Most webcomics really dive right into action and story, but Ode is more of a slow-burn. Tim is such an amazing writer and I’m really glad that we collab on ideas and plots and characters. We’ve got to establish some things before we head into a world that you have no idea what is about to happen in ^__^;;;  Gah I want to spill the beans haha. I’ll be good. That said I hope to have more time soon to open up a character ask tumblr– I think that would be fun! Also still have to work on that fan art section of the site.

Also!! Tim has made up a secret alphabet/language/cypher for Ode! It’s sOooOOoo cool! I’m going to have to go back and fix the stable Wren left her elk at. Once I do that, you’ll have some letters to start working off of.

In more news– In two days I’ll be at Otakon!! So stoked for that!!! Below is a map of where I will be (D-10 in the Artist Alley) + a gif of wavy Stana Hair… bwahahaha! If any of you are going to be at Otakon, make sure you drop by and say hello!! I want to meet all of you!! I thought about making secret pins just for you Odettes if we meet– I don’t have the $$ at the moment, but maybe for SPX, eh? bwahaha!!!