Who is that handsome fellow in the wanted poster? Also Tim made up a secret language for Ode… ;D More on that soon!!!

Phew~!  Oh man I was hoping to get this out on Wednesday, but my project went so well, they gave me a 2-day extension to make more art. I’ve never really heard of that happening before, but I don’t say no to Star Wars ;D  Anywhoo!! Thanks for bearing with my crazy work schedule lately. Even if it is a day or so late, I’m still updating 6__6;;;

So in other exciting news, Tim and I have a story that is going to be in the VALOR ANTHOLOGY!  It’s a really amazing collection of lady-positive fairy tales with a more lady-knight/femm bend! If you can, it would be super helpful to get the word out about this anthology. All of the artists in it are amazing– we’re so honored to be a part of something so excellent. The Kickstarter just launched (link) and we need all the help we can get! Totally tell your pals and reblog the tumblr post (link) or tweet about it if you are so inclined <3 <3 Much obliged!!

Here’s art from the story we’re doing called BLOOD FROM A STONE.