Hey it’s Wednesday! Make sure you read Tuesday’s page before this one (or you’ll feel like you missed something!) Due to Connecticon and con plague, I updated the comic yesterday instead of Monday.


I’ve added a new section of the website for some avatars and wallpapers. I’m going to work to get a fanart gallery going soon too. I can’t get the menus to be dropdowns– if any of you are wordpress/comic easel savvy, let me know!  I’m SUPER tired… I’m working on a ton of really cool stuff irl but it is all secret and such @___@ gaaah.  See y*all back here next week on Monday, ok? You don’t want to miss the next part of this arc— where does Stana go? Where will Wren find herself next? AND WHAT THE HECK KIND OF GODLY HAIR PRODUCTS ARE IN STANA’S HAIR?!