Hi everyone! Have an excellent Wednesday! Hmm… what has Wren stumbled upon?  See you back on Monday– unless you are going to be at Connecticon this weekend– then you should totally come find Tim & me in the OMG Hall and say hi! It would be the coolest ever to meet you! ps- We’ll have a fancy brand new Ode banner along with some copies of CH. 1. I’ll be doing watercolor commissions and will have a few copies of Hana Doki Kira as well!

Plus! Ode is having it’s very own watercolor demo and panel!  Here’s the schedule!!! Hope to see you there. ^_^~!!!!

Connecticon 2014
12:00PM – ­ 8:00PM OMG Exhibit Hall Open
6:00PM ­ 8:00PM Super Art Fight! (Main Events)

9:30AM – ­ ­ 11:00AM Web Comics Round Table (Special Events 1)
11:00AM – ­ ­ 7:00PM OMG Exhibit Hall Open
4:30 PM – ­ ­ 6:00PM Uber Extreme: How to Draw Chibis: Sketching (Work Shop 1)

10:00AM – ­ ­ 4:00PM OMG Exhibit Hall Open
11:30am – ­ ­12:30pm Ode Comic & Watercolor Demo (Panel Room 3)