Happy Monday!!!  Phew!~ I needed all of last week to recuperate from SPX!! It was an amazing time, but I really didn’t get a break-= as soon as the con was over, I had to take a train, get back at 2am, and then I was at work super late every night this week.  It was so amazing getting to meet so many of you and we almost sold out of Chapter 1 & 2– wow! THANKS!!! ahhh!!!  Chapter three is a brewing- Tim already has a ton of pages written. I’m still working out the “cover”.

In the meanwhile please enjoy this silly chibi comic that I wrote. Ode isn’t the kind of manga/comic that I’d make silly chibis in, but I think after the end of a serious note, we need a bit of comic relief. You read this like a typical shojo gag-comic (down). Don’t worry this is just a bit of fun doodled up in like 15 mins.  Also, this isn’t cannon since uhh I wrote it and not Tim.. but… I guess it’s a bit of self- fan fic??? [insert Tina Blecher joke] xD I was asked a bunch if Stana and Bas are “in bed” together. And as much as *I* would love that, they aren’t –He just has a really smexy bishie table-cloth haha… Well if you ask me… I don’t think it suits Stana all that much keekekekeee~~~!  Maybe my next chibi comic will be for the Stana/Wren shippers <3

See you on Wednesday then? We’ll dive right into Chapter three!

pps– You may have noticed that I added a new page to chapter 2’s beginning and also arranged all the filler art out of Ch 2, so when you re-read it is smooth sailing.