With that ends chapter one! But to be continued in Chapter two!!!  I really hope you guys have been enjoying Ode so far. It was a crazy learning experience to make, but I’m excited to just keep getting better. Tim and I are working on Chapter two. I’ve found that it’s easier to bang out an entire chapter and let that update without interruption than try to do one page each day and end up missing deadline due to the crazyness that is my life. All of this was drawn in two weeks. For the rest of December into the 1st week of January, Ode will be updating 2 or 3 times a week with some beautiful art by spectacular guest artists. I’ll also be chipping in with some mini comics to entertain you.  In Chapter two we’ll start to get into the Devas!!! I really can’t wait! So basically, just keep dropping by and there will be something new at least twice a week! ;D

Thanks you guys for all of your support! It’s so rad to see all the comments and well wishes in my email box!!! Don’t ever hesitate to reach out!

Also in amazing news! My pals (Rebecca Mock & Lindsay Cannizzaro) and I have been confirmed to be at TCAF this year! How major! I’ll have Ode Chapter two (and probably more) by then as well as Hana Doki Kira. We’ll be promoting Hana Doki Kira and will also be sharing table space with Maritsa Patrinos. Other HDK gals that will be there include  Kris Mukai, Carey Pietsch, & Megan Brennan. AND TCAF is on my birthday weekend in May! (And if I’m lucky Tim can come too!)