Here is the Cover for the first Chapter of Ode! Tim and I have been working on this comic for over a year (and he’s had it written for such a long time). I doodled endlessly trying to find a style and the right voice to tell this awesome tale in. Basically I wished I was my comic heroes/heroines and was anyone but me. Finally, (with a lot of encouragement from my friends), I decided to just go for it. I love these characters and it’s so much fun to work with Tim- we hang out, draw and dream! Today is the day that I finally stop worrying about what other people will think about my art and just let myself feel the expression. I can and will improve and that’s something worth looking forward to- not dreading. How cool is it that you are here reading this and about to go on the journey with me!!? I can’t wait to see where it will take us. It’s not going to always be perfect, or even easy. But when all is said and done, it makes us for the better as artists and as human beings. Allright…. see you soon!!!