Happy Monday!!!! Today we have the raddest art possible from my good pal, Miss Sasha Fay! Not only does Sasha have one of the coolest names on the planet, she also has a very slick and steamy comic style!! I honestly can’t handle how illustrious this Stana is!! Sasha is ridiculously talented and mad dedicated to her craft. She’s also the perfect party guest and a very supportive/enthusiastic individual. Sasha is one of my pals from an art sketch group in the city!  I think you’ll be super in love with everything she does like I am, so please support her art- Twitter | Tumblr

I’ve got a week or so before I head out to LA for the Grammys (ahhh!) So I’ll post some art/mini comics for you while I’m gone and about a week or so after, we’ll dive into Chapter two!!! Are you guys ready? You’ve been real swell through the guest art. I hope you’ve been enjoying all these wonderful artists!!!