Happy Wednesday Everyone!! Today features wonderful guest art by my very deal pal, Lindsay Cannizzaro! We met in college (yay anime club!) and have been very good friends ever since. Lindsay has a cool perspective- she’s inspired by things like shojo, but also really loves American comic style. Her style is a very unique mashup and word is that she is working on a first webcomic!!! If you are ever looking for the most loyal, hardworking, and genuinely awesome person, Lindsay is your gal!!! Please support her art Twitter | Official Website | SketchBlog

Now you might be thinking- who IS this red-headed lady with the jewels?! Lindsay is being super meta and actually drew art of Ella who you will meet in Chapter 2. If you’ve ever taken a gander at the Ode concept PDF in the gallery section of the website, you’ll find out a bit about upcoming characters. If you followed me in Squid Salad, the mini comic, Blood from a Stone is about her as well. (I’m going to finish that mini comic, but it was really a warm up for me getting ready to do Ode.) Ok I won’t say anymore…. spoilers… but I think you will all really like this new character 😉 See you next week!!!