Happy Monday!!! Looks like my auto-post didn’t post, so here is a good old fashioned manual update! Today’s art comes from my pal and fellow web-comicker, Jenny (aka JChannel) of Eerie PD fame!  I met her at a convention, and together with her partner, Alex,  they are both the sweetest nicest and super creative people you’d ever want to meet! We always have excellent twitter conversations. And Eeric PD is a really rad comic. I’d tell you more, but you should really go read it for yourself! Also if I might add,  I really love how fluffy and cozy Stana & Wren are in this piece!!! Please support their comic and also check out their twitter!  Eerie PD | Eerie PD Twitter


EDIT: Hey all!  Woah I am EXHAUSTED! Sorry today’s update is an hour or two late. I just got back form Magfest. How amazing that was!! Met several of you fans and also met a ton of new people who loved Ode!!! I’m always so humbled and excited. Also I got fanart from some really sweet people and I think I’m seriously going to cry. I just had such a nice experience and really enjoyed meeting everyone and seeing fellow artist friends as well. I made some money too which will help fund my trip to LA to go to the Grammys (ahh!) Also I have a bunch of copies of Ode left, so I’m going to photograph them and will have those in the shop by the end of the week hopefully!! Ok take care, gang!!  Chapter two is starting to shape up- Only a few more weeks of guest art.