Hey everyone! Today is the beginning of a month of wonderful guest art while I work on Chapter Two! Without further adieu, allow me to present this amazing beyond words piece of art of Stana by my dear friend, Enduro! You can find her breathtaking work on her tumblr, http://mightier.tumblr.com!!! Endy is a fellow member of the Year 85 group and helped organize Hana Doki Kira. She’s way talented, and yet is one of the humblest artists I know. Make sure you follow her tumblr / twitter / shop and support her art!

Also a bit of news… you might have heard that I was nominated for a Grammy (yeah that kind! what!!) for my design work on Automatic Music Can Be Fun along with art director & pal Brian Grunert & musicians Mike Brown + Zak Decamp. I’m over the moon, super excited and nervous and so many feels gushing all over the place but mostly mad grateful!!!! I’m writing a mini news article up with some details, so check that out if you’re interested. Allright, see you soon! Check back Monday/Wednesday/Friday for new art!