Ah the Monday before Christmas is upon us! And just in time for festive and bright spirits is this absolutely entrancing watercolor by none other than my very dear pal, Becca Hilburn. Wren & Stana have never looked more cheery (and seeing Tim & My names hand-lettered isn’t so shabby at all 😉   You may have seen Becca’s art in the Hana Doki Kira anthology, or perhaps you’ve seen her wicked informative tutorials on her art blog. So I know Becca from the world of the interwebs, and not so long ago we got to meet in person at MOCCA & again hung out at SPX. I’d say we instantly clicked. She’s one of the most kind and generous artists that I have ever met. She’s always experimenting, exploring, learning and sharing her findings & talent with the world. I think that we can learn a lot from her as artists (and human beings) in terms of being open & supportive of each other!  So please check out her art on all these amazing platforms and support her art!: Twitter | Art/Tutorial/Review Blog | Tumblr

Hope you guys are having a good Holiday time. I’m back in Buffalo visiting my family which is at once nice, and also well… everyone has their drama-llamas, ya know? I’ll be doing a little doodle on Christmas, so if you also need to escape from family drams, hop online and meet me back here on Wednesday and I’ll have a little something to cheer you! Tim is in NYC (miss him!) and has to work! ; _ ;!! Allright, catch ya soon!