Hi guys!!!  The last of the amazing fan art is here! It’s very dreamy & fancy and by none other than the lovely Miss Kata Kane! I looove the roses with Stana, don’t you? Kata is a very rad artist I know from the interwebs! You might recgonize her art from the link section or perhaps you’ve seen her art at a convention! She has her own lovely comic that you should dig called Altar Girl. be sure to check out all of her art & support her:  Webcomic | Twitter | Webcomic Tumblr | Art Tumblr 

Man Chapter 2 has been longer in the making then I had hoped. The Grammys really threw me and since then I’ve been going to a lot of job interviews and artsy things. Also I had a very cool gig doing some design for an indie game (can’t wait to show you that! It’s very in keeping with the Ode world) Keep your fingers crossed for me. So Tim has a big chunk of the script done and I’m just plugging away to get a decent amount of pages so that at the very least when the Chapter 2 gets up, there is no interruption. Thanks for being patient! My goal is to have a new Ch. 2 physical volume out there for TCAF!