Hey everyone! I had an amazing time at Connecticon as did Tim! That said… I think I caught a bit of the con plague so I’m going to rest up today. Come by tomorrow (TUESDAY) to see the next page, ok?

We were blown away by all the support everyone showed us! We met a ton of awesome new friends and several old pals as well! We had a blast being on a webcomics round table! We were realllllyyy stoked to get to do out own Ode panel with a watercolor demo, but the con somehow forgot to put us in the book TT____TT  So basically everyone who said they would come couldn’t find it and I guess they told wandering people it was cancelled, despite telling us it was still on. So we walked into the room and no one was there. We were super bummed, but you know these things happen and it’s ok! But Hence, today’s page didn’t get made in the panel. We’ll totally do another Ode panel at another con (speak up and tell us what ones are near you!). Overall though Connecticon was amazing and we can’t be too raw about one thing going wrong. Everything else was so exciting and fun!

Ok see you 2morrow!