Hi everyone!!! *PHEW* OMG! Woah! I just got in from Otakon. It was so amazing. I’m so super exhausted. I can’t believe I got to meet so many of you!! Y*all made my day!! I had a great time meeting both old and new pals. Thanks so much to everyone who came out! I totally ran out of copies of Ode OTL~~~~!  I have to save up and get more copies made! I’m super super beat, so today’s update will happen on Wednesday. In the meanwhile enjoy this beautiful art…

Today, we have some absolutely amazing alt-costume art by my most wonderful friend, Aimee! She drew both Stana and Wren and they look so magical!!! In addition to being an amazing artist and plushie crafter, she’s also a cosplayer and word on the street is that Aimee might be the first Stana cosplayer to boot ^__^- How exciting!!!! Aimee has a comic of her own that is very magical girl and pretty called Zodiac Comic.  Let’s show her some love/support/thanks!

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