I am back from the craziest week of my life!!! Not sure if you followed along with my crazy twitter live tweets, but it was epic. And although my pals and I didn’t win, we sure had one heck of a time being there! I also stuck around California for a few days to visit friends, go to Lucasfilm and see my art director and also go Redwood viewing and hang out at the Pacific Ocean. It was marvelous. Oh… and…. TIM AND I GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhh man it was seriously the most whirlwinded, romantic and wonderful week EVER! I’m going to write/draw a whole book about it (for real) in time for TCAF. (And if you’re super curious, I have like a zillion photos on my instagram). Also a giant thanks to all of your who have been so supportive and writing to me! It means so much!! I did NOT expect the internet to be so kind and accepting and well.. uhh… blog about how cool my outfit looked! (Usa Today, Daily Venus Diva, Tumblr and the list goes on) Listen gang, you gotta be yourself! There’s no other explanation!

Anywhoo you’re here because you love ODE! and Chapter two is on the way. Grammys really threw me for a loop, but now I’m back and in the swing of drawing more pages. I’m looking at next week. In the meanwhile accept this doodle from the road…

Trivia: Do you recognize the OC on my clutch? Well you soon will in ODE CHAPTER TWO!!! Muhahaa! Yes, I shamelessly made a stencil and spray-painted my OC on my Red Carpet clutch. ^_~