Hi everyone!!!! Ok it’s been a while, but life has just been moving WAY too fast. But what you want to know about is ODE!!! And behold… we’re gonna have a mini comic about Stana’s origin story in the 1001 Knights Anthology!!! Annie (haha hi!) and Kevin Jay Stanton have been working for over a year on this project (and hence why she hasn’t had as much time to do Ode among other things which are soon going to be completed!). Tim has written this really awesome story about Stana’s past (and that incident with THE DRAGON) and there are even new characters (that you may see here in the future) 1001 Knights is a massive 3-volume anthology project focusing on creating people-positive characters with feminist overtones.

Check it out and help us get the word out! there are also a ton of really cool Hiveworks & web-comic artists in this anthology as well!!!

and ps~~ We’re gonna be at TCAF and our goal is to get another chapter of Ode done by May!!! Things are looking’ up!!!