Hey sweeties— sorry this pause has been so long— planning a wedding, running a giant anthology ( 1001 Knights) and full time at Sony has been so crazy. I’m getting there– and am pushing to have a chapter for SPX in September! Also my 1001 Knoghts story is going to be a Stana origin story! Tim has a lot of Ode written– I wish I had more time to do nothing but draw >___<~~~ at sony I’ve been working on all kinds of crazy record packages and stuff for next year so I can’t even talk about it yet (boo!!!)

I hope you are all having an awesome summer and please make sure you follow my Twitter for random doodles and chat @aniistoll

We’ll be back sooooon. This is not one of those awful webcomic goat uses— we have all the story we need– now I just need a darn tardis!

We can’t thank y*all enough for being so understanding and supportive!!!!!!