Hey sweeties….Check out and support Fight! Zine project, this amazing zine put together by the impeccable Jenn Woodall on kickstarter right now!  I’ve got an exciting drawing in it called “THE OATHBREAKER”

AND!  I’m going to be at MoCCA fest on Saturday ONLY! Table 413!!!  The awesome Kevin Jay Stanton is splitting a table with me.  Come snag Hana Doki Kira, Ode Ch 1 & 2, a ton of mini prints, and SPECIAL SHIMMERING 6×9 & 8×10″ PRINTs limited for MOCCA ONLY~~~!!!!

If you come find me and mention this post, I have a secret Ode surprise for you~~~!!!


ps— More comics soon. I’m sorry IRL has been kicking my butt =___= argh! I’m almost caught up.