Hey everyone, you guys haven’t heard from us in a bit, so I figured I’d chime in with a bit of an update. I really truly apologize for the delay in pages, but since Annie got her Sony job last year work hours have been tough to come by. We basically only have weekends to sit down and get these done, so we don’t have the buffer we used to by being able to do a few pages at a time. This can lead to long gaps if we have anything else at all going on over the weekend (which we have for the past few). This weekend is MAGfest, so we do hope to see some of you there! We are definitely going to push to do some pages immediately after we get back, we feel kind of bad about it. That being said, have no fear, we both love this comic and it’s not going anywhere!

In other news, another reason Annie has been busy is her tireless promotion of her new book coming out next month for Sabine: My Rebel Sketchbook, an art book coming out for Star Wars Rebels. Annie’s been doing a piece of art as drawn by Sabine every day for the month leading up to the February 3rd release over on her tumblr.

I’ve been working on my new blog over at Port Nowhere, so if you like Star Wars and other geeky things, definitely check it out. Right now it’s mostly reviews and things, but I also plan to use the site as an outlet for some original prose I’ve been working on, so if you like Ode (I’m assuming you do, why else would you be reading this?) keep an eye out for it. I think you guys might dig it. I’ll cross post over here when that goes up. Also don’t fear, it’s not like I’m adding too many stories to my docket, this won’t affect Ode at all, I’ve been working on a lot of this stuff since before I even started writing Ode!

So I hope you’ll continue to bear with us, we have some cool stuff happening soon (actually happening, not just sit around in the bath happening!). Check back next week and we’ll see what Stana is up to!


Thanks everyone, you’re the best!