Heya moonbeams!  I spent the weekend with Tim solidifying our uhh wedding plans on Long Island  (so crazy!). We finally found a place to have it at! (wow!) (We’re paying for it all by ourselves so it’s a giant endeavor)  And then we found out one of our really good friends was seriously injured in an ice-skating accident. :(  I’m still working on today’s page, but I want to go visit this friend later tomorrow, so the comic might not update till late night/Tues… >__< send some good thoughts to my friend b/c they basically broke their knee-cap and that is super painful. They asked me to draw on the cast, so if I get permission, maybe I’ll upload a pic of the painting ^_^;;

Are any of you going to be at Magfest??? b/c we are going to be there!!!!  We might not be able to do a lot of conventions this year. I made up a new schedule that is tentative right now…

More soon~~~ Also follow along on my twitter and tumblr for some Sabine-drawing action!
Here are a few images from the past week:

Sabine-give-away-1 Sabine-Wren_Skerch1 SketchingwSabine6