Hi darlings…. More personal life stuff came up for me today.  And also Tim wanted to re-do today’s page so Tuesday for sure. Hang in there Odettes. I’m workin’ on the last 5 pages of the chapter. Should be able to finish after work tomorrow. Thanks for being understanding. Even if we don’t get two updates out, at least we’ve been able to get one out there. I’ve just got some family stuff happening and I had some more Star Wars deadlines after my original deadline. ahhhh! But the horizon is looking much better. <3 <3 <3 I’ve almost cleared all my extra stuff so my primary down time can be Ode :3   I’m so excited to see you all coming here every few days and commenting and hanging out!!! Y*all really encourage me!  If you want up to the second info or just want to chat, you can always talk to me on Twitter — @aniistoll

Enjoy some choice angst in the meanwhile… a glimpse behind that cheery facade? <3 <3 <3 Well… it’s self-fanart? lol is that a thing?


More Soon!