Hey guys! TCAF was beyond amazing and I am so excited that I got to meet so many amazing new and old friends! It was so cool to meet Ode fans and on top of that there was SO much love and support for HANA DOKI KIRA! I still can’t believe that we sold out of advance copies on the first day. Also I have a very few copies left of Ode (ahhh!) I will try making a more formal update with pics soon!

ok so here is the BUT! I booked an early Amtrak train out of Buffalo to go back to NYC with Tim. I’m writing to you from my phone on the train. We were supposed to leave by 9am and were delayed by 3 hours. We got as far as Rochester (one hour from Buffalo) and our train just hit a “trespasser” on the tracks. They aren’t telling us any more details. I really hope this person is ok. I don’t even care that we are crazy delayed anymore… The while situation is really rough.  Authorities are here but if it was an ambulance incident we could have moved on– they said if it was a fatality, then  we will have to wait of the coroner and maybe even investigation. I really don’t know how to feel- I’m so worries for this person– what if it is a kid? Let’s all send good vibes and thought to whatever this situation is.


I know I’ll get back eventually but it might not be still crazy late. TCAF really inspired me to do more and better Ode work, but you might have to wait for the next page for 2morrow.  We’ll talk soon under better circumstances! I’ll try to doodle a bit to take my mind off things. I’ll catch you on the twitters.